Product Review: Rawxies Raw Cookies with Heart….These little hearts are big on nutrition and taste!¬†This is not the cookie you were brought up to eat with butters, refined sugars and so many other ingredients that in the long run are not good for you, or the animals and the planet. These are the cookies of the future that are full of wholesome ingredients! They are put together by hand with ingredients like oats, almonds, coconut palm sugar, dates, cacao, poppy seeds, coconut, vanilla and pure essential oils like lemon and spearmint…nothing in these that you cannot name…in fact you will recognize all of these ingredients. All Rawxie cookies are raw, vegan, gluten free, low sugar (thanks to the coconut palm sugar) and super cute.¬†Each package contains a serving size of two heart shaped cookies that range in calorie count from 140 to 170 per package.

Find out more here….the foxy way to snack…Enjoy !

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